Mark Zuckerberg confirms that Meta’s new VR headset will launch in October

Mark Zuckerberg , CEO of Meta , revealed that the company’s new VR Headset  known as “Project Cambria” will be available in October 2022.

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the long-awaited new Meta virtual reality glasses will hit the market in October this year. The CEO of the parent company of Facebook was encouraged to reveal the date on which his new commitment to VR will arrive for all enthusiasts of this technology in just two months.

The businessman was invited to the most recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast , where he spoke about various topics related to his company and current technology. In one of his statements, Zuckerberg confirmed that Meta ‘s next VR headset , codenamed “Project Cambria,” will likely launch around Connect 2022 , the company’s annual event.

A new Meta VR headset is near

During the conversation that the businessman had with Joe Rogan during the new episode of his podcast, Zuckerberg was encouraged to reveal more information about what we could expect both in terms of its launch and its new features compared to previous models of the firm.

“For the next device coming out in October, there are a few important features. The ability to now have a kind of eye contact in virtual reality . For your face to be tracked so that your avatar is not just this motionless thing, but whether you smile or frown or grimace, or whatever your expression is, it translates in real time to your avatar.” Zuckerberg declared.

Project Cambria, Meta’s new commitment to virtual reality

The information mentioned by Zuckerberg during his participation in the Joe Regan podcast is consistent with what is known about “Project Cambria” , which is supposed to have a high-resolution color screen, internal sensors for eye tracking and, in addition, a sophisticated augmented reality.

As noted by Bloomberg  a month ago, leaked code indicates that the device in question would end up being called the Meta Quest Pro and would sit alongside the lower-end Meta Quest . However, Meta would already be planning the development and launch of its new generation of virtual reality glasses.

Leaked data from tech industry insiders suggests that “Project Cambria” will be significantly more expensive than the current Meta Quest , which recently bumped its official price to $399. In the past, the company stated that this device would be available sometime this year 2022.