Mark Zuckerberg responds to criticism and promises that the metaverse will not look so bad

Meta (Facebook) and Mark Zuckerberg came under fire after social media’s most powerful CEO posted an image using Horizon Worlds, his platform for the metaverse.

Most critics questioned how Zuckerberg ‘s $10 billion-plus investment in the metaverse translated into graphics that looked like something out of a Wii game , a console that debuted nearly 16 years ago.

Mark Zuckerberg posted the photo celebrating the arrival of Horizon Worlds for users in France and Spain.

Mark Zuckerberg responds

Meta ‘s head announced on Instagram and Facebook that Horizon will soon receive further updates, which will be announced at Connect, the company’s event.

“Important updates to Horizon and avatar graphics are coming soon. I will share more in Connect”, she advanced.

He also shared images that look much better than what was seen in the publication that originated the criticism. By his own admission, he was quick to celebrate the launch of Horizon Worlds in the two European countries.

“I know the photo I posted earlier this week was pretty basic. It was quickly taken to celebrate the release. The graphics in Horizon are capable of so much more, even on headsets , and Horizon improves quickly,” she promised.