Mark Zuckerberg rules out more massive layoffs at Meta, but remembers that “the world is volatile”

The “year of efficiency” in Meta has led to more than 21,000 layoffs.


After yet another round of layoffs, Mark Zuckerberg addressed Meta employees to reveal his vision.

Faced with an understandably confused and nervous workforce, Zuckerberg said he wants the company to have more stability, but less bureaucracy in the future, the Washington Post learned from a recording.

“Going through restructuring, layoffs and changes like this is obviously a very difficult thing. (…) So it’s not like we’re going to end up exactly where we were before because that wasn’t my goal. I wanted to get to a more competitive place, ”he assured.

Mark Zuckerberg organized the meeting after initiating a new round of layoffs that mainly affected workers in the Meta Business areas .

In total, Meta has laid off some 21,000 people in the last seven months, as part of its so-called “year of efficiency.”

More layoffs in Meta?

According to Zuckerberg , one of the biggest goals is to turn Meta into a company that can “create better products faster” while improving its financial performance.

As he assured, he does not plan for the company to have more rounds of mass layoffs. However, he said that “the world is volatile.”

To avoid massive layoffs, Meta will seek to grow more slowly, which would lead to reduced layoffs if it decides to prioritize one project over another.