Mark Zuckerberg said that his employees compare it to the Eye of Sauron

“Zuck” recounted that it can be a very intense boss when working on a project in Meta .

Mark Zuckerberg is arguably the most powerful man in social media controlling the Meta conglomerate that includes Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram .

His style of running companies can be quite intense, as he himself confirmed in an interview with Tim Ferriss.

Mark Zuckerberg said that he keeps trying not to focus too much on a task, as it can be strenuous for his workers.

Meta employees have compared Mark Zuckerberg ‘s attention to the Eye of Sauron from JRR Tolkien ‘s “The Lord of the Rings . ”

Perhaps not a very flattering comparison, considering the Eye of Sauron was a symbol of evil and oppression in fictional Middle-earth .

Mark Zuckerberg seeking tranquility

Zuckerberg ‘s workers have told him that “he has endless energy to work on something. And if he focuses it on a particular team, he ends up burning it.”

“Zuck” said that he tries to “lower” his energy so he can focus on one attempt without being exhausting for his workforce.

To relax, Mark Zuckerberg surfs, since he considers that being in the water makes it very difficult to concentrate on anything else.

And, according to what he told Tim Ferris , he needs to relax as he starts each morning reading emails about what’s going on internally at Meta, with plenty of bad news. “It’s like getting punched with context,” he said.