Market Expansion: Tesla Plans to Start Producing Humanoid Robots

Or Tesla AI Day, or “Tesla’s artificial intelligence day”, as it is called to the annual conference of Elon Musk’s company, has a surprising newness this year: the car manufacturer intends to enter a completely different field: robots.

I know that Musk doesn’t give a whiff of humour.

Jump on the side or plane that makes him capable of performing unsafe, repetitive or angry tasks. Musk deer, um, a simple example, how to make purchases in a Loja. O CEO also says that no future, face physical tasks will be an escort.

Maybe it’s just another example of Musk’s famous marketing. But it was second, based on the project, the algorithms and components that have been used in cars.

The Tesla Bot hair-less scheme traces some clues: he is 1.76 tall and weighs 56 kg, made of light rubber material. Ahead is equipped with an autopilot camera, which is still being used by Tesla vehicles to detect the environment.

Those cameras, along with 40 electromechanical backsplashes by Tesla Bot, will be powered by the autonomous business management system.

Musk guarantees that there is no chance for robôs to turn against humans, as he did not film “Eu robô”; he is projected to be friendly and physically “dominated” by humans, and with a maximum speed limited to 8 km / h. The second Musk, in this case, is to facilitate so that the people have a chance to run.

To complete the dissemination: “I know we are not, other farão, so we must make sure that it is safe.”