During the press conference for Ms. Marvel , the new Disney + series coming in the next few days, Kevin Feige.


It revealed that Marvel may soon launch its own convention, called AvengersCon .

A convention with this name will be present in Ms. Marvel , but it could soon become a reality.

Note that, in fact, Marvel Studios does not yet have a themed convention like Star Wars (which has the Star Wars Celebration ) or the DC Universe (DC FanDome). Marvel movies have been shown at San Diego Comic-Con and Disney’s D23 Expo, but that may soon change.

Feige explained that the discussion about a potential AvengersCon started right on the set of Ms. Marvel . The series was filmed during the pandemic, a time when conventions were in hiding. The fictional AvengersCon showed how much desire there was to return to a similar event and how much potential a Marvel convention had in the real world:

It was very cathartic for all of us to see all of this. We were shooting Spider-Man: No Way Home in the soundstage next door, the scene with the three Spideys. The crew of that movie kept sneaking up on us to see [AvengersCon]. I think it might be fun to actually do it someday.

Apparently, even Tom Holland left the Spider-Man set to check out AvengersCon. Ms. Marvel head writer Bisha K. Ali has revealed that she has been working on a presentation for an eventual AvengersCon . Therefore the prospect of this event taking place in the future is not so far-fetched.