We recently discovered that Victoria Alonso will leave Marvel Studios after 17 years: the reasons for this divorce have not been officially revealed.


But some sources have accused the executive of creating a “toxic” work environment, while others have defended her , praising their constant support. Alonso was the president of physical production, post-production, VFX and animation, so you can imagine how important her role was. Considering the recent controversy over the treatment of VFX artists in Marvel Cinematic Universe films , forced to work at an unsustainable pace and without precise guidance, it is conceivable that Disneywanted to change something to improve the situation.

However, the Variety article dedicated to this story contains an interesting detail. According to sources, Marvel Studios had plans for five series to launch on Disney+ , but “they have been reduced to three or four, while the others will be pushed back to 2024 and possibly beyond. This will take some of the pressure off Marvel’s current post-production.”

Let’s be clear, Marvel Studios hadn’t announced any release date, so the change only affects the company’s internal calendar. The five series in question should be Secret Invasion , the second season of Loki , the second of What If… ? , and then two between Ironheart , Echo and Agatha: Coven of Chaos . If Secret Invasion and Loki will almost certainly arrive this year, for the others it is difficult to say. Certainly Marvel will want to launch Echo before Daredevil: Born Againto ensure narrative continuity between the two shows, but could still postpone it to 2024, as the latest rumors say .