A few days after its US release, Warner Bros. has unveiled the first spot for Matrix Resurrections.

A film by Lana Wachowski that will bring us back to the “matrix” after more than 18 years.

The promo is titled Back to Life , and in fact we will find Neo ( Keanu Reeves ) mysteriously alive after his sacrifice in the Matrix Revolutions . But the chosen one is inside the Matrix , like his beloved Trinity ( Carrie-Anne Moss ), and neither of them remembers the other. Bugs ( Jessica Henwick ), Morpheus ( Yahya Abdul Mateen II ) and others go in search of our hero, thus sparking a new adventure.

I remind you that the Italian release is expected on January 1, 2022 . It will arrive in the United States on December 22 , and will be the last film simultaneously available on HBO MAX . You can see the spot below.

The spot

The cast

The cast includes Keanu Reeves , Carrie-Anne Moss , Yahya Abdul Mateen II and Neil Patrick Harris . Additionally, Jada Pinkett Smith returns as Niobe , and Jessica Henwick plays a new character. Also in the cast are Jonathan Groff , Toby Onwumere , Max Riemelt , Erendira Ibarra , Priyanka Chopra , Andrew Caldwell , Ellen Hollman and Daniel Bernhardt .

The makers

Lana Wachowski will direct the film, starting with a script written in collaboration with Aleksander Hemon and David Mitchell . The director of photography will again be John Toll , while Grant Hill handled production alongside Lana Wachowski herself.

David Leitch and Chad Stahelski , directors of John Wick , collaborated on the choreography of the fights.