Me against You are back, this time they are not the protagonists of a feature film for theaters, but of a series called Me against You – The Royal Family which will be available exclusively on Prime Video .

Luigi and Sofia have been invited for a short stay in a royal palace, but why are they in the palace?

The synopsis:

Luigi Calagna and Sofia Scalia are ready for a new adventure: to live a short period in a royal palace with a noble family to learn its habits, culture and traditions. During their stay they will learn good manners thanks to Madame Cornelia, the surly and severe housekeeper, and Bruno, the nice and good-natured butler of the family and handyman of the house.
Together with them the three grandchildren of the Queen: the twins Divina and Tronaldo, accustomed to the comfortable and bourgeois life of the court, and Emma, ​​rebellious and intolerant of everything that is etiquette, good manners and tradition. Eventually, the boys discover the real reason for their stay in the palace: the queen wanted them there to introduce their grandchildren to the simplicity and genuineness of the life of two normal people.

Produced by Colorado Film Production, Warner Bros. and Me Against You , Me Against You – The Royal Family will be available September 30 on Prime Video .