Meta announces its new Quest 3 virtual reality glasses

Meta ‘s VR headset will retail for $500 and be lighter than its predecessor.

Meta has made the announcement of the Quest 3 , its new virtual reality glasses, official.

The company communicated this product through an Instagram video, where it confirms its price of $500 and its arrival on the market this spring.


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This is the Quest 3

The changes from its predecessor are significant from the weight: the Quest 3 is 40% lighter than the Quest 2.

It also comes with a next-generation Qualcomm chipset.

According to the company, these will be the first high-resolution color mixed reality glasses for “the mainstream.”

“High-fidelity color transfer, innovative machine learning, and spatial understanding allow you to interact with virtual content and the physical world simultaneously, creating limitless possibilities to explore,” the company says.

It also maintains up to 3 cameras on the front, with which the user can mix reality with VR applications.

Meta will give more details about the product on September 27 at the Connect conference.