Meta cancels the development of a watch that would compete against Apple Watch

Meta planned to create a smartwatch with two cameras so that it can compete against Apple Watch .


Meta has decided to shift its focus from the smartwatch to other wearable devices It’s probably a move by Meta to consolidate its efforts toward creating a metaverse, while also trying to cut huge expenses this year, according to Bloomberg .

Meta’s smartwatch may have been a first for the company, but according to reports, it wouldn’t have been a simple Apple Watch clone . Leaked reports and a prototype suggest it would have had the fitness features, music playback support, and messaging services that users would expect, plus two cameras.

One camera would go under the clock face and would most likely be used for video calls, while the second camera would never be known for what purpose it was going to serve. 

Clock for the metaverse

Even though the Meta smartwatch was cancelled, the project is expected to live on through electromyography. 

Rather than a dedicated smartwatch, however, the company will likely create an electromyography-based controller for its upcoming VR headsets such as Project Cambria and Meta Quest 3 , it reported in a blog post last year .

So it will likely be a while before we see a controller based on Meta’s wrist, but the day the project is realized, it will be an indispensable device for interacting in virtual reality .