Meta employees sold access to Facebook and Instagram accounts for thousands of dollars

Meta discovered the abuse of “Oops”, a system for recovering accounts.


Meta has fired or disciplined at least a dozen employees and contractors for “improperly taking user accounts,” the Wall Street Journal reports .

According to documents seen by the newspaper, in many cases these irregular accesses were in exchange for bribes.

How did this problem occur in Meta?

These employees and contractors worked in the security area of ​​Meta, and had access to a crucial system for the company.

Meta has “Oops”, a system that allows employees to help users who have been hacked or lost their password to recover their account.

“Oops” should only be used in special cases: family members, business accounts and public figures, but the Wall Street Journal indicates that its use has been increasing.

Workers abused “Oops,” in many cases accepting bribes of thousands of dollars.

“Individuals selling fraudulent services are always concentrating on online platforms, including ours, adapting their tactics in response to detection methods commonly used in the industry,” said Andy Stone, spokesperson for Meta .