Meta, ex-Facebook, is considering opening physical stores to sell products from the metaverse

New reports in the New York Times indicate that Meta – formerly known as Facebook.

Planning to open physical stores around the world. The action would aim to introduce people to devices produced by the company, such as augmented reality glasses and virtual reality headphones.

The devices sold, according to the company itself, would be the gateway to the so-called metaverse, a virtual environment where users could work, play, learn and interact with friends and family.

Also according to the American newspaper, the rescued documents indicate that conversations about physical stores began last year, long before the Facebook brand redesign, and although the project is still underway, it may not go ahead.

Currently, Meta has already experimented with physical locations, with small kiosks located in New York airports to demonstrate Oculus products. According to documents seen by the Times, the goal of large stores would be to provide a “more open and connected” world, as well as provide a more inviting environment where product testing could be done without judgment.

Although he allegedly listened to people with knowledge of the company’s plans about the new strategy, a Meta spokesman said last Friday (5) that the company could not confirm any plans for the physical stores.

Despite being a new experiment for Facebook, other tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Apple already have physical stores around the globe to showcase their products. With that, it would not be strange that the Goal wanted to reach the same level.