Meta hires a lunchtime DJ to encourage employees to come back to the office

Mark Zuckerberg has been against teleworking.


Aside from laying off tens of thousands of employees, Meta wants the others to return to face-to-face work.

For this, Mark Zuckerberg ‘s company is taking extravagant measures.

One is to hire a DJ to play during lunchtime at one of the cafes on Meta ‘s campus in Melo Park, California.

A Meta employee told The Information about the unusual “labor benefit.”

Mark Zuckerberg against teleworking

Meta , like so many companies, has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic with teleworking .

Already in 2023, Mark Zuckerberg does not like the idea so much.

According to some internal analysis from Meta , the parent company of Facebook , WhatsApp , and Instagram , “engineers who initially joined the company in person performed better than those who joined remotely right out of the box.”

“This requires further study, but our hypothesis is that it’s still easier to build trust in person and that those relationships help us work more effectively,” Zuckerberg added .