Meta lists a web version of Horizon World with lower commissions

It will have commissions for content creators less than the 47.5% that the Quest Store charges .


Meta , the parent company of Facebook , is working on a version of Horizon Worlds for the web, which would offer a more advantageous rate for content creators, in that they would not have to pay the corresponding percentage to the platform before the transaction.

Horizon Worlds is a virtual platform currently available only in the United States and Canada for use with the Oculus Rift S and Quest 2 augmented reality headsets . In it, people can create worlds and communicate with users from other countries using a customizable avatar.

The technology company announced this week the implementation of a system for the monetization of this metaverse, with tools that allow you to create and sell virtual accessories for decorating the worlds, or offer access to some worlds or specific parts of them to live experiences.

Fewer commissions for content creators

Meta’s chief technology officer, Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, has teased the work they’re doing to bring Horizon Worlds to the web, citing a discussion about the fee the company will charge creators.

“When the web version of Horizon launches, the Horizon platform fee will be only 25%, a much lower fee compared to other similar world building platforms,” ​​he said on Twitter.

In statements to The Verge and NCBC , company representatives indicated days before that Horizon Worlds will charge virtual goods transactions with 25 percent after discounting the rate it already collects on the platform, which for Quest Store apps is of 30%. In total, 47.5 percent.

In Bosworth’s words, this fee would be lower in the web version of Horizon Worlds . “25% for Horizon . If the platform below it takes a share, 25% comes after that. So if the platform below it takes 30% ( Apple, Google, Oculus ) it results in a total of 47.5%, similar to the rates of Roblox and YouTube “, has detailed.

Meta seems to have changed his mind about commissions. In his previous attacks on Apple , Mark Zuckerberg ‘s company criticized the 30% charged by the App Store .

With information from Europe Press