Meta presents the new Horizon avatars and they remind us of The Sims

Mark Zuckerberg continues to point to the metaverse and celebrates the implementation of legs in avatars .


The Meta Connect 2022 event not only had the $1,499 Meta Quest Pro VR headset as one of its novelties.

Mark Zuckerberg also revealed the new generation of avatars on Horizon , the platform he’s looking to promote for the metaverse.

“They’re so much more expressive and detailed than anything out there right now,” Zuckerberg said as he walked onto the virtual stage in a full-body avatar.

Mark Zuckerberg shows off the new version of the Horizon avatars after they drew criticism a few months ago.

Horizon avatars are now full-bodied and bear similarities to characters from The Sims video game franchise .

Zuckerberg highlighted the addition of legs to the avatars , which he said are difficult to implement, thus delaying their inclusion.

New Meta Avatars: When are they coming to Horizon?

Mark Zuckerberg indicated that these will begin to arrive by the end of 2022. These will be accompanied by a new store with objects to customize avatars .