Meta unblocks Donald Trump from Facebook and Instagram, with some conditions

After an express request from the former president’s own campaign organization, .


Meta has announced that it will reinstate Donald Trump after the indefinite blocking of his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

In its statement, the company detailed that this return will take place “in the coming weeks”, but that there would be “new protection measures to discourage recidivism”.

The new measures against Donald Trump

“To assess whether the serious public safety risk that existed in January 2021 has subsided sufficiently, we have assessed the current environment in accordance with our Crisis Policy Protocol, which included looking at the conduct of the US midterm elections. 2022 and expert assessments of the current security environment. Our determination is that the risk has decreased sufficiently and that, therefore, we must comply with the two-year term that we established, ”declares Meta , not before noting that Trump, “like any other user, is subject to the rules community”.

In an update to its protocol, Meta notes that “should he post more content that violates the rules, it will be removed and Trump will be suspended from one month to two years depending on the severity of the violation.”

This reincorporation occurs months after Elon Musk did the same from Twitter. Of course, Trump has refused to tweet to give priority to his own network called Truth Social, but he is reconsidering returning to this platform to advertise a new presidential campaign.

Why was Donald Trump kicked out of Facebook?

Trump was originally expelled from Facebook after the Assault on the Capitol , which was registered on January 6, 2021. At that time, he was accused of inciting his supporters to claim for the victory of Joe Biden in the US president.

Meta ‘s handling of the initial suspension, which he quickly extended from a 24-hour ban to an “indefinite” suspension, was heavily criticized, including by his own Supervisory Board. In its decision on Trump’s suspension, the board criticized Meta for not following its own rules and trying to “evade responsibility” from him.