Meta wants all its workers back in the offices

Meta workers must be in their offices at least three days a week and from before September 5.

Meta , the company behind the world’s largest social networks, is demanding that its employees return to the office at least three times a week.

All workers who, in fact, have a position linked to the offices, must do so before September 5. Only people who are “exclusively remote” will be able to continue in the teleworking modality

“Even work”

In a statement, a spokesperson says Meta is “committed to distributed working” and that people can have a “significant impact” both in the office and by working from home.

This is part of a previously announced hybrid strategy that was accompanied by large-scale layoffs. Meta sees 2023 as the “year of efficiency” and believes that in-person teamwork is necessary for maximum productivity.

The company instituted a formal remote work policy in May 2020 as it became clearer that the COVID-19 pandemic was unlikely to end anytime soon. While he hoped to reopen offices in 2021, he repeatedly pushed back that timeline as the disease spread and new virus variants emerged.

In early 2022, contract workers protested requirements to return to the office months before Meta ‘s in-house employees were (at the time) scheduled to make a similar move

Other companies are following the same steps.

Apple and other major tech companies have imposed hybrid work schedules and have faced similar resistance.

Some employees have objected to reduced flexibility in locations and hours, as well as increased costs that may include childcare and transportation .

There is also pressure from other companies. Shopify, Spotify, and other well-known brands have instituted remote priority policies that may be more attractive to job