Meta will incorporate facial scanning by artificial intelligence for Facebook Couples

Do you want to make an appointment for Facebook Couples ? You will have to confirm your age by showing your face to the artificial intelligence .


Meta is expanding its AI facial scanning age checker to its dating site Facebook Parejas.

The announcement was made in a blog post and notes that all users suspected by the platform will have to submit an image of their ID or submit a video selfie.

AI and ages

Facebook Couples will share the video with the same third-party company, Yoti, that works with the verification system for Instagram .

This company estimates the user’s age by tracking their facial features without the need to identify them.

Meta says that the new age verification systems will help prevent children from accessing features intended for adults.

The company notes that age verification has categorized “hundreds of thousands” of people into age-appropriate versions of the app and that 81% of users who are asked by Instagram to verify their age choose to use the option. of Yoti’s selfie.

Doubts about Yoti

Yoti’s data shows that its accuracy is worse for “female” faces and people with darker complexions.

Researchers have flagged concerns about how facial recognition and analytics software work differently for people along the lines of age, race, and gender.