Meta will not sell Giphy, at least for now

A UK court has asked the antitrust watchdog to review the original decision to sell Giphy on Meta .


The UK Competition Appeals Tribunal has ordered the country’s antitrust watchdog ( CMA ) to review its decision to force Meta to sell Giphy .

The report, pointed out by Bloomberg , refers that now the answer could come up to three months, pausing a possible sale of the giant of GIFs .

Meta is saved, for the moment

The ruling comes after Meta largely lost its appeal against the CMA . The court sided with the watchdog in five of the agency’s six claims against the company.

However, in the only ruling that went in Meta ‘s favor , the court said the CMA had failed to properly inform the company about Snapchat’s acquisition of Gfycat  , undermining its defense. Now, the body must not only reconsider its decision, but also allow Meta to comment on an unredacted version of its report.

“Today’s ruling found the CMA ‘s approach to its investigation ‘difficult to defend’ and ‘undermines the entire decision,'” the company said after the initial Competition Appeals Tribunal ruling. “We look forward to understanding how these serious process flaws will be addressed. We strongly believe that our investment will improve Giphy ‘s product for the millions of people, businesses and partners who use it.”