Microsoft announces prices for Windows 365, the service to have a PC in the cloud

Microsoft has announced the official prices for Windows 365, its subscription service to have a PC in the cloud.

Windows 365 is an operating system that will run on Microsoft’s cloud servers and be transmitted to the user’s screens, be it a cell phone, computer, or tablet.

To access it, you only have to log in to the Microsoft website to obtain the interface of a PC as we know it to “move” your computer wherever you go.

Companies will quickly create virtual computers and assign them to employees, avoiding the need to provide physical machines. 

Windows 365 will initially work with Windows 10 but will be updated with Windows 11  when it launches.

Windows 365 pricing

The new service PC Cloud Microsoft will have two editions: Business and Enterprise. Individual PCs can be configured from a single CPU, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, up to eight CPUs, 32GB of RAM,  and 512GB of storage.