Microsoft Edge overtakes Safari to become the second largest browser on PC

Of course, Edge  is still a long way from Google Chrome .


Microsoft Edge recently became the second largest PC browser  in the world after overtaking Safari and Firefox.

According to StatCounter , Edge has achieved 10% market share for the first time in its history in April, narrowly beating Apple’s web browser Safari, which remains in third position with 9.61%. In fourth place is Firefox with a 7.86% share.

Of course, the three are far from the quintessential browser, Google Chrome , which remains in first place with 66.64%.

As we remember, Edge is the replacement for Internet Explorer for Microsoft , with a base in Chromium, which has allowed it to gain more followers thanks to its compatibility with extensions and more extras from former Chrome users .

Edge  is the default browser for Windows 11 , a system that still does not support a significant number of users compared to Windows 10.

And how is it going on cell phones?

On the mobile side, the picture is little different.

Chrome also dominates this market with 63.57%, but second place is controlled by Safari with 24.82%. Only between the two they maintain 90% of the phones.