Microsoft goes all out against Google: Bing and Edge will work together with ChatGPT for your searches

ChatGPT will be integrated into Microsoft search engines in order to gain ground in the field largely governed by Google.


It is the decisive step. Microsoft has shown a preview of the integrations that Bing and Edge will have with ChatGPT , an artificial intelligence service that has become an internet sensation.

Satya Nadella himself, CEO of the company, has indicated that this intelligence will serve as a co-pilot for Microsoft services with the aim of greater adoption among users.

ChatGPT and Microsoft

The main product, of course, in the creation of a unified search, navigation and chat service.

Bing , for example, may have a side navigation bar with which it will show responses to the user. These range from answers to simple questions to more complex ones like planning a trip or even writing an email.

In its examples shown, Bing with ChatGPT can compare direct information from links on the web in order to deliver results to the user, it can name substitutes for some elements of a culinary recipe or create a five-day itinerary to get to know Mexico.

Edge with AI

In the case of the Edge program, ChatGPT will allow you to chat and write while you browse.

In the case of opening documents, a Sidebar can easily deliver summaries.

Even artificial intelligence can moderate its language according to the portal it is on. In the case of LinkedIn, for example, it becomes more serious and adapts to its tone, format and length.

The tools will be released to everyone gradually.