Microsoft has already updated PC Health Check

As you may remember, just one day after the announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft published PC Health Check, a practical app for Windows 10 that informed us about the compatibility of the system with Windows 11. 

At the time, we told you how it worked, and we took the opportunity to address in-depth, for the first time, the more than controversial issue of the minimum requirements of Windows 11. And based on what we saw at that time, we could already venture a few months of many changes, as we have confirmed.

However, for obvious reasons, Microsoft withdrew PC Health Check from its website a few days later. Fortunately, you could already find some alternatives to the Microsoft application at that time, which we will talk about here. However, although the operation of both applications is flawless, it was to be expected that Microsoft would fix the problems that it could have found in PC Health Check and republish it.

This, however, made us think that the problem was not with the application but with the list of supported hardware. Throughout these months, we have seen the addition of motherboards and processors, with a new addition the day before yesterday, which makes us understand that PC Health Check, in its first version, did not contemplate the possibility of changes to the hardware list. Compatible. Thus, it could have given false negatives to compatible systems.

Be that as it may, and after a few days of testing, Microsoft is already releasing the new version of PC Health Check, which, in addition to the Windows 11 compatibility test, also shows general information about the status of the system: battery capacity (in the case of laptops), storage, startup speed, etc. However, the important thing is the compatibility test of the system with Windows 11. You can download it from here if you are an insider.

In this regard, when you click on the Check Now button, you will be told whether or not your computer is compatible with Windows 11, with the complete list of technical specifications and properties of your PC. If you only see the message that tells you if the PC is compatible or not, click the See all results button to access the list. Additionally, if you click on the Device Specifications button, PC Health Check will take you to a Microsoft web page with information on Windows 11 requirements.

While we can still expect new additions to the Windows 11 compatible hardware list, the release of PC Health Check seems like a sign that the list is very close to closing. Something that makes a lot of sense if Windows 11 finally hits the market at the end of October, as it seems increasingly clear that it will be.