Microsoft internal survey divides employees and bosses on telecommuting

Remote work came as a temporary solution to the global restrictions caused by the COVID 19 pandemic , but the reality is a little different today.


Although we have not recovered pre-pandemic levels of work assistance, the hybrid concept is already becoming part of everyday life.

However, an internal survey has divided Microsoft between bosses and collaborators with a result with little chance of reconciliation.

According to BBC , Microsoft conducted an internal survey of more than 20,000 employees in 11 different countries, and the result could not be more polarized. On the one hand, 87% of employees indicated that they feel more productive working from home; while 80% of managers responded that such productivity is not evidenced.

For Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, this represents an impasse that must be overcome: “We have to overcome what we describe as ‘productivity paranoia’, because all the data we have shows that more than 80% of individual people feel that they are very productive, except that their management thinks they are not productive.”

Biggest job change in history

It is not a simple matter. Productivity monitoring tools and the savings that working from home entails in terms of fuel and time have empowered employees who have established their way of working at home.

For Ryan Roslansky, head of LinkedIn, this matter represents “the biggest change in work patterns in history.” The professional contact platform, managed by Microsoft, increased the number of remote jobs during the pandemic.

Before the global restrictions, the number of jobs focused on remote activities accounted for 2%. With the start of the pandemic, offers increased by 20%, and today they stand at 15%. This data has been obtained by LinkedIn, based on the 15 million job offers on the website

Microsoft: 50% of the time at home

For Nadella, the issue is building social connections with employees and reinvigorating their role within the company. “We had 70,000 people join Microsoft during the pandemic, they saw Microsoft through the lens of the pandemic. And now when we think about the next phase, you need to reinvigorate them, re-recruit them, help them form social connections,” he said . the CEO.

Currently, Microsoft employees have the power to work half of their designated hours from home, requiring prior approval from their management.