Microsoft is using ChatGPT to teach robots tasks like fetching a soda

Microsoft has arranged ChatGPT as the mind of little robots to do housework.

Microsoft wants to further expand its partnership with OpenAI and has deployed the ChatGPT artificial intelligence in small robots.

According to Microsoft itself , this inclusion will allow AI to take control of robots and help them solve simple problems on a day-to-day basis.

AI + robots

Microsoft is investigating whether ChatGPT can “think beyond text” and reason about the physical world.

Microsoft researchers envision a day in which the average person can send instructions like “please heat my lunch” to a robot home assistant at home and watch it complete the task from start to finish.

In one of the tests, they added ChatGPT to a drone, which was able to recognize orders such as “healthy drinks”, “soda” and more, in addition to being able to take a selfie in front of a mirror.

This is because ChatGPT can convert natural language or text into lines of code that bots use for their actions.


OpenAI has kept many industries on their toes since the company decided, as a last resort, to release its ChatGPT chatbot to the public  at the end of November.

Experts anticipate that a large number of industries, including writing, education, and software engineering , will be affected as a result of the technology.

While the Microsoft researchers acknowledged that their work “represents only a small fraction of what is possible,” they cautioned that these ChatGPT results should not be implemented without “careful analysis.”