Microsoft is working on Outlook Lite, a lighter and more optimized version for Android

A smaller, faster Outlook mobile app is on the way.

Microsoft is working on a new application for Android that, under the name of Outlook Lite , aims to maintain the main features of the standard version of the messaging service, but within a more optimized, lighter and faster ‘app’.

Microsoft Outlook arrived in the Android ecosystem in 2015as an email manager that unifies both messages and the user’s calendar, contacts and files.

Outlook Lite enhancements

As announced by the company, it is currently working on an alternative called Outlook Lite , which already appears on its roadmap and is in the final stages of development testing, as can be seen on its website.

This application will provide “the main benefits of Outlook in a smaller application size, with faster performance” and will be suitable for “low-end devices and any network”, as specified by Microsoft .

At the moment, it has not advanced any more news about this new service nor has it set a specific date for its implementation. It has only indicated that it plans its global deployment throughout the month of July.

At the moment, it is unknown if this new application will replace the existing one on Android or both will be able to cooperate together within the Microsoft ecosystem.