Microsoft is working to bring RGB controls to Windows 11

Is the headache for users with RGB accessories over ?


The use of RGB lighting is a trend that has been growing, especially among gamers .

The variety of RGB proposals has generated a problem for users: a large number of software solutions to control it.

Examples are iCue , Razer Synapse , Aura Sync , among many others.

Microsoft to the rescue?

Twitter user Albacore has found that Microsoft is working on bringing RGB lighting controls to Windows 11 .

This previous work was found in public test versions of the operating system. As indicated by The Verge, the options to be integrated into Windows 11 include brightness control , lighting effects , speed and colors .

A native RGB lighting integration in Windows 11 will mean users won’t have to install third-party apps, which can stack up if the user has different lighting systems.

For now, this integration does not have a fixed release date, but it is encouraging to know that Windows 11 could solve a problem for users with RGB accessories.