Microsoft launches a new AI feature that turns sketches into apps

Microsoft has released a new tool for developers to quickly turn their ideas into working apps . 


Showcasing its advances in AI, Microsoft announces  Power Apps Express Design , a new tool from the company’s Power Apps service that can turn PDF, Power Point, Figma, screenshots, or hand-drawn sketch design files into a working app . .

Microsoft introduced Express Design during Build 2022 , noting that the tool employs “industry-leading” Artificial Intelligence to scan and produce work application controls backed with data storage.

Express Design is the first AI -powered tool to come to Power Apps . According to the Gartner portal, by 2025 up to 70% of applications will be developed using no code/low code technology, including Artificial Intelligence.

How does Express Design work?

Microsoft explained how Express Design works in a series of blog posts. Object detection models in Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services platform perform image recognition, mapping shapes, and document shapes to constructs that exist within an application.

Express Design can understand what might be a button, grouping, or text box and automatically generate an app based on the drawings, or at least an approximation of an app.

Once Express Design scans a file, application components such as fields, text labels, date pickers, and buttons must be manually labeled and connected to a database in Microsoft’s Dataverse service .