Microsoft promises better Windows 11 performance in 2022

Users have been reporting performance issues in Windows 11 , including File Explorer and  slowing down of some settings.

Since the release of the new Windows 11 operating system , several users are reporting performance issues, even stating that WinUI , Windows’ native user interface platform , feels sluggish on some settings.

On various social networks , users complain of performance issues when using WinUI or XAML UI elements in Windows 11 .

For example, Windows File Explorer , redesigned with a new command bar and modern interface, the performance is below average generating a bad experience.

Some users report that their File Explorer just crashes randomly and they don’t understand how fundamental Windows elements can get into trouble.

Prompt solution

Given this situation, Microsoft indicates that it is working on solutions for well-documented problems with File Explorer , in addition the technology giant promises that it will focus on improving the performance levels of its new operating system next year.

“Internally, in addition to wanting to focus some of our UX framework time on 2022, we also have a dedicated team recently formed to address this issue more comprehensively.” Microsoft said.