Microsoft reveals Windows 11 release date and highlights news focused on games

This Tuesday (31), Microsoft announced the official launch date of Windows 11, a system presented by the developer a few months ago. Since then has received several updates in the beta version, which continues to show some instabilities despite having received improvements.

Scheduled to be made official on October 5th, the new generation of Windows had a new video published by the developer highlighting its optimization for games on both the computer and video games, highlighting the Xbox Game Pass service and tools such as DirectStorage and automatic HDR.

According to the company, DirectStorage is one of the main new features of Windows 11, allowing the system to decompress files faster, preventing the machine from overloading the CPU, thus maintaining a satisfactory performance during gameplay.

For this to be possible, the user must add an NVMe SSD, a component that has read and write speeds higher than conventional HD and allows the system to run more smoothly. In addition to the features intended for performance gain, visual novelties, such as the HDR Mode, make the colors sharper in titles that support DirectX 11 or 12.