Microsoft starts adding full-screen advertising to help you migrate from Windows 10 to 11

Microsoft is looking to get more users to migrate from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and is advertising it big, literally: with full screen ads.


This form of aggressive advertisement is appearing in the latest Windows 10 updates where, next to the system, a huge full-screen window appears asking us to upgrade to Windows 11 .

big time advertising

On June 12, the Windows 10 21H2 update will no longer be supported, so Microsoft is looking for users to have the latest version on their PCs.

Seizing the moment, the company is insisting that you migrate to Windows 11 through a series of full-size layouts.

“Don’t worry, you will be able to continue using your PC while the download runs in the background (around 4GB)”, he mentions in the message, in addition to noting that “you are eligible” for this free update.

Not content with this, he also begins to list the benefits of the new operating system, such as the new interface, faster access between apps, and familiarity with all applications and programs.

Windows 11 does not get due attention

Microsoft refers that Windows 10 will only receive system updates from now until October 14, 2025, the date on which the company’s support for one of its most popular systems in history will completely disappear.

Windows 11 has not had the best user acceptance.

By October 2022, the Lansweeper database indicated that only 2.61% of computers in the world had it installed.