While Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse arrives in Italian cinemas, Amy Pascal updates Variety on the future of the Arrampicamuri at the cinema.

In particular, the producer reveals that Miles Morales will star in a live-action film, and that Spider-Woman will have an animated spin-off of its own.

“You will see everything,” said Pascal during the premiere in Los Angeles. “It’s happening” .

The Spider-Woman film – which, according to producer Avi Arad , will arrive “sooner than you expect” – is no surprise: as has already happened with The LEGO Movie , the Webweaving saga can also generate spin-offs . The same Heilee Steinfeld , voice of Gwen Stacy , would be happy to do it:

This is like my dream job, I’d do it over and over again. I can do it in total comfort. It’s a dream to be in a space that is so comfortable but also free and creative, being a part of it is exciting.

Returning to the live-action of Miles Morales , for the moment there are no details in this regard, so we do not know if the film will be able to fall within the agreement between Sony and Disney (and be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ). The two studios’ next project for the MCU will be the sequel to Spider-Man: No Way Home , and Pascal has confirmed that it will be done:

Will we make another film? Of course we will. The trial is underway, but there’s a writers’ strike, and nobody works during the strike. We support them, and when they get back on their feet we can start.


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