According to a Variety report , the delays and ongoing postponements of filming on Mission.


Impossible 7 caused by Covid have inflated the film’s budget to a staggering $ 290 million, including the tax credits that the production succeeded. to make sure. This is 100 million more than the budget of Mission: Impossible – Fallout , the previous chapter of the saga.

The problems started immediately for the troubled production, which should have started shooting in February 2020 in Venice, where Christopher McQuarrie and his crew had designed a complicated sequence set during the Carnival. But the arrival of Covid, and the first partial lockdowns in Northern Italy, have put a spoke in the wheel of the plan. The production had then moved to Rome, but had had to close its doors again when the whole country went into lockdown.

The cost of Covid

The costs have therefore risen due to the security measures applied on the set ( the outburst of Tom Cruise against the members of the crew who were ignoring them is famous) precisely to keep infections at bay, measures that have then represented a standard for the industry. . But also due to the continuous stops in filming, which forced Paramount and Skydance to pay cast and crew even during quarantine periods. The film found itself in the middle of all this, with the need to shoot in various parts of the world, outdoors, in full pandemic. Not an easy feat.

Other problems arose last summer, when Paramount had to spend another 50 million out of their own pockets, as Skydance had reached the ceiling in terms of financial contributions to the project (240 million dollars) and refused to shell out any more money to complete. the film. Paramount is also in litigation with Federal Insurance Company, accused of breaching the contract that, according to the study, required the insurance company to cover the additional costs related to Covid.

Postponements and new problems

Now, Paramount and Skydance find themselves facing other problems. Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 have been further delayed , to July 14, 2023 and June 28, 2024, respectively, apparently because Cruise wants the second film to be completed before the first comes out. The two were supposed to be shot back-to-back originally, and the former ends on a cliffhanger. According to a source close to the production, Cruise wants to make sure the two connect as smoothly as possible. On top of that, the two films are expected to be the latest in the Ethan Hunt saga, and the pressure on everyone involved is mounting for that too. Mission: Impossible 8 is about to go into production in South Africa.

The postponement will bring other interest costs. Meanwhile, tensions between the United States and China have increasingly led the latter to block or delay the distribution of American titles in its cinemas. In China, the Mission: Impossible saga is very strong, and the seventh chapter will also need those proceeds if it is to recover the costs.