Filming for Mission: Impossible 8 has officially begun.


This was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter , in a long article that reveals several background on the making of Mission: Impossible 7 .

The battle between Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures on the 45-day window in theaters and the star’s veto on the production of TV series based on his movie.

The article explains how the processing of Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 has become a crucial point in the relationship between Tom Cruise and Paramount, currently very tense due to the decision of the studio to reduce the window of the seventh film to 45 days, after which should debut on Paramount +. Cruise is not happy, to put it mildly: the plaintiff called his lawyers and challenged the decision, which he believes would violate the previously stipulated contract. The parties agreed to postpone the discussion in due course and, according to THR, Cruise would later persuade Brian Robbins , new president and CEO of Paramount Pictures, to give him more money to finish the two films, claiming that inflation did increase expenses.

The budget of Mission: Impossible 7 has thus increased to an impressive $ 290 million, the highest of the entire saga. Naturally, the pandemic contributed to inflating costs during processing. The filming of Mission: Impossible 7 had just started in Venice, in March 2020, when the Italian government decided to impose the lockdown. The film would be blocked several more times over the next two years and, at one point, Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie even contracted Covid (McQuarrie seriously enough to be hospitalized in London).

Improvisation costs money

But, as the article explains, it should also be taken into account Cruise and McQuarrie’s unusual approach to the saga: often, the two made crucial decisions directly on set. For example during the filming of Rogue Nation , when McQuarrie conceived the third act of the film along the way. In the case of Mission: Impossible 7 , there is even talk of a scene set on a submarine inserted at the last second, with shooting practically completed.

Keeping the completion of Mission: Impossible 7 pending , Cruise made sure to prevent Paramount from imposing a spending cap on what should be the final chapter of the franchise. Also giving him some flexibility on the final cliffhanger of the seventh chapter.

The failed series

Tom Cruise’s power at the studio is such that it even allowed him to veto a couple of Paramount-fanned projects to replenish the Paramount + library. The studio wanted to make a series based on Days of Thunder , and a new series of Mission: Impossible . The latter, on the other hand, would have made sense, because in fact the franchise had its birth on TV. But Cruise didn’t want to hear about it, and blocked both of them from going. Leveraging on a very simple fact: the $ 3.6 billion that Ethan Hunt produced for the studio over three decades.