Netflix has a sequel to Monster from the Sea , the animated film directed by Chris Williams .

This was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter , which explains how, after the success of the film, Williams has signed an agreement with the platform to produce other content. In the future he will also make a fantasy in the vein of The Princess Bride . Speaking to the site, Williams said:

I feel really lucky and grateful and relieved, if you can believe me. I worked at Disney for 25 years and leaving was a very difficult decision. It took me a long time to convince myself. There are reasons to stay at Disney and reasons to leave. And the reasons for leaving are also the reasons for staying. They treated me very well, I was comfortable, and the relationships I had I had cultivated for decades. But I felt I had to step away from all of that, in part to tell a story that moved outside the confines of what we normally consider North American cinematic animation. It can be creatively rewarding to push the envelope at big companies like Disney or DreamWorks, expanding what people associate with a Disney film in tone. Big Hero 6it wasn’t what people expect from Disney, and it was very gratifying. But I reached a point where I didn’t want to just nudge the boundary anymore, I wanted to jump over it.

Williams, also director of Big Hero 6 , Bolt and co-director of Oceania , said he had screened several rival studios before deciding on Netflix:

When I decided I was leaving, I went to meet other studios to get a feel for it. I was impressed that they were talking about their five-year plans, or 10-year plans, the typical “that’s why we believe we’re going to be successful” presentations. Netflix was different. Netflix told me, “We don’t know where this train is going to go. Do you want to go up?”.

The synopsis of Monster of the seas

In an age where terrifying creatures roam the seas, monster hunters are considered true heroes. And the great Jacob Holland is certainly the most acclaimed. But when young Maisie Brumble stows away on her legendary ship, he finds a surprise ally. Together they embark on an epic journey into uncharted waters and make history. Directed by Academy Award winner Chris Williams (Oceania, Big Hero 6, Bolt), Sea Creature takes the viewer to the edge of the world, where the real adventure begins.