It was known from the beginning that Moon Knight , while being set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe , would not include references to facts or characters from this narrative universe, and would instead tell a story of its own.


In the conception phase, however, the head writer Jeremy Slater had thought of some cameos of already known heroes, as he himself explained to The Direct .

“I’ve tried a lot to have the Eternals on the show, simply because I’m friends with Kumail Nanjiani,” he said. “I wanted Kingo” . Some members of the team, whose debut took place a few months ago in Chloé Zhao ‘s film , were supposed to appear in a flashback:

At one point [in the script], there was a flashback on the page showing one of Khonshu’s avatars in ancient Egypt, and it had to do with Ammit being imprisoned, with Alexander the Great, and all that stuff. This avatar was seen fighting alongside the Eternals. It was a very funny scene, but recreating ancient Egypt would have been very expensive, to have three or four members of the Eternals in this great action scene.

The scene in question would have opened one of the episodes, but Slater believes it was best avoided in the end.

That’s the cameo I had to cut. I was sorry, but it was also the right thing to do for the show, and I think everyone agreed. There will be a lot of time in the future to partner this guy [ Moon Knight, ed ] with other characters in the MCU and start building those connections; better not to force something just because other shows have done it.

For now, in short, Marc Spector ‘s only team-up was the one with his wife Layla , who in the last episode turned into Scarlet Scarab . Producer Sarah Goher and May Calamawy recently talked about the importance of this new superhero. As for the Lunar Knight , we still don’t know when we will see him again, but his return – not necessarily in a second season – is very likely. We will keep you posted.

The synopsis

The series follows Steven Grant, a quiet employee of a gift shop, who is struck by memory lapses and memories from another life. Steven discovers he has a dissociative identity disorder and shares his body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven / Marc’s enemies approach, the two must investigate their complex identities as they delve into a deadly mystery among the mighty gods of Egypt.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a vigilante created by Doug Moench (lyrics) and Don Perlin (drawings) on Werewolf by Night (first series) n. 32, released in August 1975. Under the mask hides Marc Spector , a former marine who starts working for the mercenary Raoul Bushman , but leaves him dying during an expedition to Egypt. The locals save him and bring him in front of the statue of the god Khonshu , who appears to him in a vision and asks him to become a warrior on Earth. Thus was born Moon Knight , superhero equipped with numerous gadgets invented by Spector, whose physical abilities increase to a superhuman level during the night.

Over the years, Spector suffers a psychic breakdown that leads him to suffer from depression, while Khonshu ‘s visions – perhaps due to his mental state – continue to haunt him. He also becomes much more brutal than in the beginning, and doesn’t hesitate to kill criminals.

The cast

Oscar Isaac will play the protagonist, Marc Spector . Also in the cast are May Calamawy ( Layla ), Ethan Hawke ( Arthur Harrow ) and Dina Shihabi . The Egyptian god Khonshu will have the voice of F. Murray Abraham .

The direction

The direction of various episodes is handled by Mohamed Diab . The Egyptian filmmaker is best known for his feature film debut, Cairo 678 , considered a “harbinger” of the Egyptian revolution of 2011 (it came out a month earlier). In 2016, his Eshtebak (Clash) was selected for the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival, while his next film, Amira , was released in 2021. Diab also wrote The Island , a hugely successful Egyptian blockbuster.

Other episodes were directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead , acclaimed independent directors in the fields of science fiction and horror. They are known for Spring , The Endless , Synchronic .


Gregory Middleton ( Fringe, Game of Thrones, Watchmen ) is the director of photography. The Milanese Stefania Cella ( The great beauty, Downsizing, Lucy in the Sky, Morbius ) took care of the scenographies.

The head writer

The head writer of Moon Knight is Jeremy Slater , the same of The Umbrella Academy .

The writers

The first episode was written by Jeremy Slater , while Michael Kastelein ( The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ) wrote the second. The third is the work of Beau DeMayo ( The Witcher, X-Men ’97 ), Peter Cameron ( WandaVision ) and Sabir Pirzada ( Person of Interest ). Cameron and Pirzada themselves wrote the fourth with Alex Meenehan ( Bosch ). The fifth is scripted by Rebecca Kirsch ( The Exorcist ) and Matthew Horton, while the sixth is the work of Slater , Cameron and Pirzada , on a subject by Slater and Danielle Iman ( Swagger ).