Yesterday we saw a Morbius cartoon in which Jared Leto cited the opportunities of the multiverse to bring together the “bad guys” of various films.

The latest rumors claim that a well-known character has been cut from the cinecomic. We continue after the jump …

In the trailers we saw Adrian Toomes ( Michael Keaton ), whose presence in the film has always been an enigma for fans: Toomes – aka the Lawyer – belongs to the Marvel Cinematic Universe , not Sony’s Spider-Man Universe . Obviously that of Morbius could be a variant. In any case, now there are rumors that the role of Keaton has been excluded from the final cut, and relegated to only one scene after the credits (which could be two in all). Apparently, that scene will be different from the ones with Toomes that we saw in the trailers.

We do not know why Sony took such a decision: perhaps not to divert attention from the protagonist, or not to confuse the audience too much? However, if Toomes really does appear in a post-credits scene, it is inevitable to wonder what kind of connection he will make with subsequent films.

The Italian release is expected on March 31st . Here is the official synopsis:

One of Marvel’s most enigmatic and haunted characters, anti-hero Michael Morbius, arrives on the big screen played by Academy Award®-winning actor Jared Leto. Infected with a rare and dangerous blood disease, determined to save anyone who is destined to suffer his own fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate bet. What initially appears to be a success soon turns out to be a potentially more dangerous remedy than the disease itself.