More 5G connectivity with Starlink: SpaceX and T-Mobile will sign an agreement

SpaceX and T-Mobile will sign a cooperation agreement to increase 5G connectivity through the Starlink satellite system .

SpaceX and T-Mobile begin to write a new story in 5G connectivity , thanks to an agreement that will become official today between Elon Musk and Mike Sievert, CEOs of both companies, which aims to provide greater internet connectivity through the satellite system. star link .

In this specific case, the agreement establishes the use of a new constellation of satellites from the space firm operating in low Earth orbit and providing coverage to rural areas of the United States.

Starlink with operators

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has pointed out on Twitter that this “is something special”, as this would be one of two projects that SpaceX has been negotiating with operators for the use of Starlink as 5G coverage support.

In fact, one of the significant steps in rural coverage with 5G is the recent merger between T-Mobile and Sprint on US soil, which allows the operator to access 90% of rural areas.

In 2021, during the MWC held in Barcelona, ​​Musk had already pointed out that Starlink’s work is “more cooperative than competitive with the operators”, announcing that he was already managing “quite significant associations with the main” operators while holding “conversations with several ” others.

This announcement would put SpaceX in a privileged position against competitors such as the OneWeb system and the Kuiper project of billionaire Jeff Bezos, leveraged by Amazon.

5G satellite internet for rural areas

Musk has previously noted that rural customers, who make up 3-5% of network users in the US, are often a difficult segment for traditional carriers to serve.

“You can think of Starlink as a means of bridging the gaps between 5G and fiber and really reaching the parts of the world that are most difficult to reach,” Musk said in Barcelona last year.

SpaceX has scheduled the broadcast of the announcement between the aerospace company and T-Mobile on its YouTube channel . We recommend you turn on notifications so you can witness the event, scheduled at 7 p.m., Peru time.