More like TikTok: Facebook and Instagram will show more content from accounts you don’t follow in 2023

Facebook and Instagram , Meta ‘s social networks , will continue to seek TikTok ‘s huge audience with more changes that will make them look like their rival.


Facebook and Instagram  will venture to show more content from accounts that the user does not follow with the intention of being more like TikTok, the strongest rival they currently have. Although this measure often generates complaints on social networks, Meta  – parent of the aforementioned platforms – will do so even more as part of its growth plan in 2023.

In the report on Meta ‘s earnings generated during the second half of 2022, Mark Zuckerberg -CEO of the company- indicated that this new action seeks to reinforce the amount of recommended content that users will view on the company’s social networks.

Despite the fact that these types of posts, videos and Reels currently represent 15% of the total on Facebook and a little more on Instagram, Meta still wants to further increase the percentage for the following year.

Facebook and Instagram want to look like TikTok

Mark Zuckerberg named this initiative the “Discovery engine” and one of his intentions is to show each user a type of content that best suits their tastes. Obviously, this will be achieved thanks to an artificial intelligence that will detect the preferences of each person within social networks to show them photos, videos or Reels from creators that may match them.

Of course, TikTok users will already be more than used to this type of measure because the short music video platform makes intensive use of artificial intelligence to recommend new material to people, an action that has worked quite well and It is one of the reasons why the app is one of the most used and currently has the highest growth trend.

The tireless struggle to be TikTok

Meta is aware of what the competition is doing and what is working for them with their respective users, so it is constantly announcing and implementing changes on its social networks, taking as a reference what its rival is carrying out with good results. However, a vital difference between the Mark Zuckerberg and TikTok networks is that the former prioritize images and links, unlike the Chinese app and its short videos.

This radical change in priorities is not only due to the good times that TikTok is having , but it is more a response to the bad times that both Facebook and Instagram are experiencing in terms of growth. The company recently experienced its first account slowdown in its entire history.

Audiences have changed considerably in recent years as many users are no longer looking to generate and share new content, but instead just talk to friends and family via private messages. Meta has been forced to reinvent itself due to this fact.