More privacy: How to put your name blank on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp  allows you to identify your user with a default name, however, some do not want this.


When you log in to the WhatsApp application , it will always ask you to name your profile, so that your contacts can recognize your account when you are in WhatsApp groups, whether you are using it on your desktop or on your mobile

In this guide you will learn how to blank the name in the messaging application, with a few simple steps anyone can do it, these procedures will be for both WhatsApp Desktop and the mobile app, it will only have some small variations.

How to make the name blank in WhatsApp?

Next, the process to make such a change in WhatsApp will be mentioned.

whatsapp web

  1. To start, you must enter WhatsApp Web , this through the connection with the cell phone, if the session is not started.
  2. Being inside the application, you must go to the profile picture.
  3. Subsequently, you must click on the photo to access the profile.
  4. Next, I open a column with the user’s information, where you must press the Edit your name option, it is a pencil icon, it is located on the right side of where the name is.
  5. Then the name will be edited.
  6. Then, you must go to a Unicode code website and select the blank box that will appear in quotes, this should be copied to the clipboard. To enter the page and copy the blank box, you must click here . You don’t have to download anything, just copy it by holding down the box. 
  7. Finally, this code must be pasted in the Edit your name option, as if it were the name of the profile. If it fails, it must be pasted two or three times.

Whatsapp mobile

  1. For the mobile application, the procedures are exactly the same, WhatsApp must be opened .
  2. Then go to the account profile
  3. Then, go to the Edit your name option.
  4. Later, go to a web of Unicode codes and select the blank box that will appear in quotes, it should be copied to the clipboard.
  5. Finally, it must be pasted into the Edit your name option.