More security: WhatsApp for iOS will add another verification code to prevent fraud

WhatsApp plans to introduce some major changes to secure user account logins. 


WhatsApp for iOS will soon add another layer of protection when a user tries to log into an account for the first time. After some users began to be tricked into giving their verification code to cybercriminals , WhatsApp is applying a way to avoid these cases.

According to the WABetaInfo portal , WhatsApp is developing a double verification code to improve user privacy and security. 

This new feature would work when you try to register your phone number on a different device, you will be prompted for an additional verification code on top of the first code that arrives via SMS .

More security in WhatsApp

WABetaInfo indicates that when the first attempt to log into a WhatsApp account is successful, another 6-digit code will be required to complete the process. This will send another message to the owner of the phone number, letting them know that an attempt to log into their account has just occurred.

The double verification feature is still in development, so it’s not clear when it will reach all users. WhatsApp is the first instant messaging application to support this feature and the double verification code may be an ultimate solution to prevent account theft when two-step verification is not enabled.