Motorola Rizr: Company Introduces A Rollable Phone Concept At MWC 2023

Motorola is exhibiting the Rizr Rollable Concept at MWC 2023 , the world cell phone fair that takes place in Barcelona.

Just hours before the start of MWC 2023 in Barcelona, ​​Motorola wanted to anticipate what it will show the whole world and presented the Rizr , a roll-up cell phone concept.

The name is no stranger to its history, it reminds us of the company’s classic models, but with the roll-up and expandable trend that most brands have adopted today.

This is the Motorola Rizr

Actually, in hand, the equipment is much smaller than conventional phones.

When starting, it maintains a 5″ 15:9 POLED screen, far behind the more than 6″ that the general market has accustomed us to.

However, by double-tapping the power button, the phone expands its screen to a much more conventional 6.5” 22:9 size.

Android’s interface is adjusted: apps are spread vertically, while icons are realigned on the home screen for faster access. Motorola is also creating special wallpapers that automatically adapt to this metamorphosis.

Already in this extended version, it is shown as a more conventional phone with specifications that are reminiscent of the folding phones themselves in the mass industry.

Something heavy

The main drawback of the Rizr is its thickness and weight. Despite the smaller height and width, it’s still quite thick and weighs 210g, more than many larger flagships like the Pixel 7 Pro and Galaxy S23 Ultra. But that seems essential to accommodate the screen and its mechanism.

According to the Android Authority, Motorola kept its prototype unit enclosed in a clear plastic case at all times, and this may well be a necessity with the phone: “Without it, the screen would be completely bare on the bottom and back, which It means you couldn’t put it down on a surface without worrying about how many dust particles were there.