Motorola works on the third version of the Moto Razr

The new generation of Motorola’s ‘frog’ will have considerable improvements in interface and performance.


The flip phones continue to find space in the mobile market, and Motorola has tried twice to increase its presence in the “Razr” range, equipment that folds the panel to a smaller size. However, since the launch of the second edition, other important players have appeared, such as Huawei and Samsung who have been able to add added value to this option. After a while without news, the new generation of “Moto Razr” is finally confirmed.

It has been Chen Jin, head of Lenovo Mobile in China , who has shared on Weibo some advances of this third generation of Razr, focused on optimizing part of the conditions that we have already seen in the previous two generations.

In the capture of the post, shared by Android Authority , it is mentioned that the third generation of razr folding phones has been being prepared “silently” and that they propose to increase the conditions of this new smartphone with “more advanced computing power, a better ‘human-machine’ interface and better appearance ”. These statements were obtained with Chinese to English translation tools, so you may miss part of the quote.

Moto Razr 3 for China

The post mentions that, initially, this new folding equipment will arrive in China after its announcement, a strategy that we have already seen in the new announcements of the company. However, there is no more detail about the new conditions to offer with this Razr 3.

The team comes at a boom time in the flexible display market, with Samsung capitalizing on the benefits of the format thanks to the maturity of its Z Fold and Z Flip line . However, Oppo and Huawei have shown that they can keep up with the South Korean, while Honor begins to show details of a future foray into the field of folding panels.