MrBeast Giveaway: This is the list of the winners of 10 thousand dollars worldwide, are you on the list?

Due to Instagram deleting his original post, MrBeast awarded 5 extra people the grand prize. There are Latino winners on the list.


The big day has arrived. The famous youtuber MrBeast has announced 10 winners of the worldwide draw for 10 thousand dollars each through his Instagram page From him.

Although initially there would be only 5 winners, the fact that Instagram deletes the publication has made the content creator decide to add five more prizes to this global campaign.

The winners

To participate in the giveaway, users only needed to follow MrBeast on Instagram , share his post, and tag a friend.

The winners are:

  • @rogeliohhl (Mexico)
  • @meyyen_ (Singapore)
  • @im_juandiaz
  • @polyrlima16 (Brazil)
  • @elterrycrewvenezolano (Venezuela)
  • @k.yra.owens
  • @alanhesa
  • @melissaricherrr
  • @emilnicholai96
  • @julianne.bowlds


If you are not one of the 10 winners of the draw… Be careful! MrBeast has pointed out that it is sending messages to all the winners, a fact that can be used by hackers to send you fraudulent links.

“Thank you all for participating. I am planning bigger giveaways in the future. I love you all,” says the youtuber.

Jimmy Donaldson, the character’s official name, has become virally famous for holding contests in which he wins big prizes involving cars, cell phones, or millions of dollars with simple actions.

MrBeast suffers from Crohn’s disease, a condition of the intestines that has no treatment to date.

The disease affects the intestinal tract from the end of the small intestine to the colon, and can sometimes be fatal, although not in all cases. Much is said that his altruism is due precisely to the uncertainty caused by the illness itself.