“Narcos: Mexico”: Will the Netflix series have a fourth season?

Season 3 of ‘ Narcos: Mexico ‘ premiered this November 5 on Netflix and there is still much to tell, according to ex-showrunner, Eric Newman.

This November 5, the third season of “Narcos: Mexico” premiered and has left fans wanting to see more. The stories of the cartels of the Aztec country have generated a lot of intrigue and, as is known, their plot has no end.

In the 10 episodes we see how, after the arrest of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna), the groups of each state became independent trying to be the leaders on the coca route. However, they do not take into account that from there new capos are born that will be a stone in the shoe of the most experienced.

So, with “Narcos: Mexico 3” having a well-told story with the Narcojuniors joining and more, will Netflix renew the series for a fourth season ?

Will “Narcos: Mexico” have season 4?

As it is recalled, in February 2020, the streaming platform announced that “Narcos: Mexico 3” was the last installment of the narcoseries. However, former showrunner Eric Newman confessed to The Hollywood Reporter that the story could continue because the war between the cartels has no end:

“They would continue as long as they allow us and as long as the war on drugs lasts, which, as you know, has no end in sight,” he said at the time. “Unfortunately, the war on drugs will continue for a long time, with no signs of stopping, so there is no shortage of material,” he added.

It should be noted that Newman was no longer part of “Narcos: Mexico” because he is focusing on another narcohistory. This plot will be about Griselda Blanco, a well-known drug trafficker who promoted Pablo Escobar’s career; and will star Sofía Vergara.

This new production tells the real life of the intelligent and ambitious Colombian businesswoman who created one of the most profitable cartels in history. A devoted mother, Blanco’s lethal mix of charm and unsuspecting savagery helped her expertly navigate between family and business, leading to her becoming widely known as the ‘Black Widow’.