NASA captures an image of the Sun ‘smiling’ for Halloween

The image was made by NASA ‘s Solar Dynamics Observatory . The eyes and the smile are actually coronal holes.


It ‘s Halloween and NASA knows it. For the same reason, the space agency has shared a “frightening” image of the Sun ‘smiling’.

The capture was achieved by the space agency’s Solar Dynamics Observatory and has already caused a lot of comments on social media for its unique shape.

The science behind the ‘smiling’ Sun

According to NASA itself , the dark areas of the Sun that resemble the eyes and nose are actually coronal holes. These regions are seen in ultraviolet light and it is there that the solar wind gushes out into space.

Because of this, this “smile” is certainly dangerous to Earth because it can send a geomagnetic storm over the planet, which can disrupt the global communications network.

NASA ‘s Solar Dynamics Observatory takes pictures of the Sun every 12 seconds at 10 different wavelengths of the ultraviolet spectrum. The data is then processed by computers at the Space Weather Prediction Center, which determine the temperature, speed and density of solar particles.

the hand of the universe

Not content with this, NASA also shared a new image of ‘The Pillars of Creation’, but with a new coloration.

The capture was made by the MIRI mid-infrared instrument on the James Webb Telescope. Unlike the first image made by the telescope , this shot creates a “more gloomy, disturbing and extremely dusty” environment.