NASA chose electric vehicles for the Artemis program… and they are not Tesla

Artemisa already has the cars to take the astronauts to the launch zone.


One of NASA ‘s main goals is to send astronauts back to the Moon , in the so-called Artemis or Artemis program .

NASA estimates that it will explore the Moon again and also achieve the milestone of putting the first woman on the Moon by 2024. This step is key to other ambitious plans, such as eventually sending humans to Mars .

Returning to the Moon is not that easy, but the Artemis program has already secured part of its logistics plan on Earth .

The new transportation of astronauts

An electric vehicle company will drive astronauts to the launch site, and it’s not Tesla .

This is Canoo Inc., which announced that it will provide NASA with multiple custom vehicles in June 2023.

The chosen ones are the Lifestyle Vehicle (LV) , currently in presale.

Unlike Tesla, this company stands out for modular vehicle designs. This means that it will be easier to repair and improve them.

Canoo LVs will launch in late 2022, starting at $34,750. The company promises 400 kilometers of autonomy