NASA Contractor May Help Man Find 7,500 ‘Bitcoins’ Hard Drive

A man who misplaced his hard drive with thousands of bitcoins has approached Ontrack.


A company that helped NASA find a hard drive from the shuttle “Columbia” crashed in 2003.

James Howells, who became famous for losing thousands of bitcoins , has hired data experts associated with NASA to help him find a hard drive with 7,500 bitcoins , currently this amount of BTC is worth more than 359 million dollars .

Ontarck, is a company that helped NASA find a lost hard drive from the space shuttle Columbia after its crash in 2003. At that time, Ontarck managed to recover 99 percent of the data, despite the fact that the device was found. on a dry lake bed six months after the incident.

According to the Mirror report, Ontrack believes there is a 90 percent chance of finding the data necessary for Howells to access his misplaced bitcoins .

A difficult task

“I’ve put together a complete consortium of experts in the field to refute all the claims on which the council has said it has concerns. I talked to experts in data recovery have worked with NASA in the disaster of the space shuttle Columbia” , Howells told The Sun .

However, finding this hard drive will not be easy at all, currently the authorities in Newport, Wales, do not allow Howells to check the garbage dump where the device could be with the bitcoins inside.

Howells has offered a quarter of any bitcoin found to the Welsh authorities, but the permits have so far not been approved.