NASA creates a “soundscape” of the surface of Mars

Although the recordings sent by Perseverance  do not record loud sounds on  Mars , the audios allow us to appreciate a variety of Marijuana climatic events.


Nearly two years after launch , and nearly 18 months after landing on Mars , NASA ‘s Perseverance rover has hours of audio recordings from the surface of the Red Planet.

NASA scientists have boiled down a year’s worth of Martian audio recordings to a five-hour playlist of the greatest hits from Mars .

The sounds offer a new way to experience the Maricano environment and have also helped confirm theories about how sounds travel the planet.

Analysis of the sounds of Mars

Baptiste Chide, a planetary scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, will present the findings during a seminar called “Soundscape of Mars : Review of the First Sounds Recorded by the Perseverance Microphone ,” at the 182nd meeting of the Acoustical Society of America .

Without large dynamic natural phenomena, one would expect Mars to be fairly quiet. Under the same conditions, Martian sounds are 20 decibels lower than on Earth . ” It’s so quiet that at some point we thought the microphone was broken!”  says Chide.

“Mars is the only place in the solar system where that happens in the audible bandwidth due to the unique properties of the carbon dioxide molecule that makes up the atmosphere,” says Chide.